BK100 Bio-Kinetic Systems
The bio-kinetic treatment system for municipal wastewater operations is unique for each operation and involves the following steps:

  1. Engineering evaluation and review of system design, operations from photos, video, design diagrams and information from operational staff;
  2. Development of a unique plan and bio-activation for accelerated treatment using BK100  system & custom formulations;
  3. Design or modification of special equipment for application procedures;
  4. Calculation of initial application rates and maintenance rates;
  5. Initial activation procedure depending on operational design;
  6. Monitoring of operations data on a monthly basis until personnel are completely familiar with the proper procedures and problem solving.

Some benefits from using BK100 bio-kinetic systems are:

  • labour cost savings;
  • power cost savings;
  • increased gas-energy production (if gas is produced);
  • decrease sludge volumes; (reduced handling costs)
  • low cost, accelerated de-watering of wet sludge;
  • elimination of enteric bacteria and viruses from all by-products (water & solids)

Bio-gas energy may be captured from municipal processes in three phases:

  1. Through pre-treatment with BK100 bio-kinetic formulations added to controlled-process anaerobic bio-digesters;
  2. During sludge dewatering process; (specially designed treatment beds)
  3. Through de-watered sludge incineration (high temperature pyrolytic process such as WCS technology – www.wasteconsys.com