BK100® Bio-Systems are operational assessment and treatment processes which have been proven effective  for over 40 years in the decomposition of solid and liquid organic wastes.  Ideal for application to wastewater drains, septic systems, wastewater lagoons, bio-digesters, sewage treatment plants, grease traps, outdoor toilets, and any area where organic waste and wastewater treatment is needed. The stand-alone BK100® product component, comes in dry form, and is now being used effectively to treat household drains; septic tanks and fields; industrial and city sewage plants; holding tanks in RVs and fish boats; and to clear septic system lines and grease traps utilized by commercial establishments such as hotels, resorts, restaurants, and hospitals.  Other applications are under study. When applied properly, BK100® liquefies organic waste in tanks, speeds the action of overloaded wastewater septic systems and even digests anti-freeze and other chemicals which are bad for the environment.

Proven Benefits:
BK100 Bio-Systems® Formulas will clean out Septic Systems:

  •  Clean septic tanks
  • Liquefy organic waste
  • Reduce offensive odors
  • Clean the lines to and from the tank
  • Destroy pathogenic bacteria and viruses
  • Digest solids such as grease, soaps, toilet paper, and cellulose
  • Eliminate digging, plumbing and snaking lines
  • Eliminate pumping tanks and traps
  • Eliminate back-up in lines and drains
  • Eliminate the need to replace drain fields
  • Prevent sewage wastewater from causing environmental pollution of ground water
  • Digest waste in outdoor toilets
  • Liquefy waste in RV holding tanks

Uses include:
Home septic systems, industrial holding facilities, parks, recreational facilities and commercial operations.


BK100 Bio-Systems®  for Animal Waste Treatment:
Reduces solids in hog, livestock, poultry and fish industries as follows:

  • Solids reduction (up to 58%)
  • Prevents farm wastes from polluting groundwater, lakes, rivers, streams
  • Ammonia reduction
  • Odor reduction
  • Insect control
  • Energy usage reduction
  • Nutrient rich supernatant production
  • Overall increase in facility waste-handling capacity
  • Methane gas production up to 85% (Energy Capture)


BK100 Bio-Systems® for Industrial and Commercial Waste Treatment:

  • Ammonia Reduction
  • CO2 Reduction
  • Oil Contaminant Reduction
  • Grease Reduction


BK100 Bio-Systems® for Municipal Sewer Line Clearing:  (See Video)

  • Rapid dewatering  (lagoons, & bioreactors)
  • Significant solids reduction (grease reduction)
  • Increase in plant capacity
  • Decrease in hydrogen sulfides (odor elimination)
  • pH balancing
  • E-coli and coliform elimination