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What is Bio-Augmentation?

Bio-Augmentation is the process of enhancing the performance of an organic biomass using the addition of microbial strains with specific capabilities.  The result is a degradation of that organic mass into smaller and less toxic or more useable forms.  In some cases, sludge biomass must be de-watered to less than 30% moisture content, so that the material can be thermalized at high temperatures to produce energy.  In other cases, organic wastewater must be treated biologically so that pathogenic organisms or heavy metals are eliminated and the material can then be handled safely and be used for other purposes.

The advantages of using the addition of safe, natural biological microbes to do work are many, including but not limited to:

1 – Energy savings (reduce input energy for removing water and put energy back into treatment systems.

2 – Greater energy production of usable gases such as methane and hydrogen.

3 – Accelerated decomposition of various solid wet wastes into safe by-products.

4 – Elimination of pathogenic microbes and viruses.

5 – Reduction in volumes of sludge from municipal treatment plants.