1.  BK100 – General Purpose Applications

-25 x 2.2-lbs in water-soluble bags.   50-lb tub

Our base commercial formula is enhanced to breakdown FOG in commercial systems.

Ideal for septic systems, drains and septic field maintenance and to reduce pump-out frequency.

2. BK2000L –  Catalytic enhancement

Special formulation with additional catalytic materials for treating more toxic waste in municipal and domestic systems.   May be mixed with BK100 and BK3000 for special applications.

3.  BK-EnzaA (liquid) & BK-EnzaB (powder) – Dual FOG Treatment Option

Special (dual) commercial formulas developed for treatment of difficult, high volume grease traps. Ideal for Restaurants and any kitchen operations where cooking oils, greases and fats are used frequently. Keeps, taps, & drains clear and odor free. Replaces the use of harsh chemicals. Environmentally safe products. May be applied separately or mixed.

4. BK3000P
-Loose Granules in 50-lb large pail.

This micro-blend formulation is used to effectively treat municipal sewage, anaerobically & aerobically. (contains safe, effective, facultative bacteria) It is used by municipalities, towns, villages, schools, resorts or for any human sewage management system. For sewage lines, lift stations, cells, lagoons, digesters, bio-reactors and septic tanks (systems) to avoid sludge overloading and provide environmentally safe outflow chemistry readings. This micro-blend works best when the retention time is in excess of 21 days, and allows for the complete management of municipal wastewater.

5. BK160F – White rot fungi and Bacterial blend

-50-lb large pail:

This is a commercial blend composting accelerator and wastewater treatment product.

6. BK100-MW (Mixed Waste Treatment) – Combines two specialized products

a) – BK3000P (dry – enzyme micro-blend with oxygen uptake enhancer)
b) – BK160F (liquid – white rot fungi-bacterial blend)

Pre-mix and apply together into mixed composts (waste meat & waste vegetable mixes). Ideal for large composting operations (mixing augers) where odor control and accelerated bio-degradation of mixed wastes is essential. Helps reduce public complaints related to operational odors. Easy application mixing instructions included.

7. BioPlex 2000 – Removes Heavy metals from wastewaters

Biologically derived co-polymer, acid salt solution which removes traces of transition metal and heavy metals from wastewater streams through flocculation (precipitation into stable sludge). The reaction is irreversible, therefore, the sludge remains stable for handling in perpetuity. 

8. BK100 – Custom Blends (depend on requirements)

We develop specialized treatment processes and product blends from analysis of engineered wastewater treatment systems and/or bio-chemical input and output data.

Ideal for environmental engineering project work where the highest, regulated standards are required. (food plants, factories, waste-processors; soil and water cleanup, and potable water processing and disinfection)

9. BK-STABLEX  – A stable, proprietary aqueous solution containing a safe-to-use, and easy to handle and transport form of dissolved chlorine-dioxide gas.  Simply mix BK-STABLEX with water following the application directions. 

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