Bio-Kinetic Systems Inc. combines operational assessment with delivery of broad-spectrum, specialized microbial formulations containing BK formulas into wet recyclable organic materials to accelerate decomposition. Our products promote fast de-watering of bio-solids by gravity alone and aerators are not needed.   Materials treated include waste-waters (municipal & domestic), vegetable wastes, composts, landfill wastes (gas production), mine leachates, and mine tailings for mineral separation. The assessment and procedural processes we plan and implement, using BK formulations have been proven effective for over 40 years in the waste-water industry in several countries. Our methods greatly accelerate the decomposition of a range of organic wastes and eliminates pathogenic organisms in the de-watered by-product.

Bio-Kinetic processes (using BK formulas) separate water quickly, within days instead of months from cellular components of sewage sludge and wet wastes.  These bio-processes present a major economic savings to the waste-water and waste treatment industry by reducing input energy costs. BK formulations as stand-alone bio-active dry agents are ideal for engineered applications within municipal wastewater systems, large scale bio-digesters for fast de-watering and gas production, and as an effective treatment of wastewater lagoons (sewage and animal wastes).  BK formulations have been proven to accelerate the breakdown of any organic wastes including a wide range of toxic compounds. (See Technical Documentation link Our procedures and formulations may be adjusted and amended for specialized application projects such as the treatment of contaminated soils, groundwater and palm oil manufacturing effluent (POME).  Our BK formulas increase bio-gas production to 87%, high-quality usable methane. We can formulate to produce hydrogen.

In addition, we design procedures and simple delivery tools for effectively treating on-site domestic septic systems (pipes, tanks and drain fields), restaurant grease traps, outdoor toilets, ventilated holding tanks (boats), open drains, waste-water lagoons, and agricultural waste, or meat processing lagoons and any area where organic waste and waste-water treatment is required.  The operational assessment and delivery of the microbial component with additional bio-factors is key to the success of any waste treatment program.  Our waste-water system design engineers and environmental advisory team have over 60 yrs. of experience amongst them.  Call us for information on how best to treat your special waste management problem. (See Contacts)